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Power of Attorney

Making a Power of Attorney Has Never Been Easier

A power of attorney (POA) is legal authorization from one person (the principal) to another person (the agent) to make decisions about principal’s property, finances, or medical care. The reasons for making a POA can be various, however, some examples include that the principal might not attend the authorities personally due to health conditions, busy schedule, or trips to foreign countries. On the other hand, the POA is also given to professionals like lawyers, accountants and tax agents who would handle certain tasks on behalf of the principal professionally.


Types of Power of Attorneys are endless, but some of the popular POA forms are as follows:


  • General POA for Personal Matters;
  • Power of Attorney for Vehicle Sale;
  • Power of Attorney for Business Transactions;
  • Power of Attorney for Real Estate Sale;
  • Power of Attorney for Real Estate Management;
  • Power of Attorney for Company Management;
  • Power of Attorney for Marriage;


At CorpLex, we collaborate with the licensed legal professionals and notaries and offer you a full range of Power of Attorney drafting, translation, legalization and other associated services. We have highly qualified and experienced professionals who are perfectly equipped to prepare and legalize a valid Power of Attorney forms to use in the United Arab Emirates or overseas.

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