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Trademark Registration

A trademark is a distinctive sign, usually a company name or a brand. A trademark can be a simple word, phrase, symbol, design or any combination of these items. A trademark identifies that certain goods or services are produced, provided by or belong to a certain company.

Registering your trademark with concerned state authorities grants you exclusive right to use it and distinguish your goods or services by it.


On the other hand, if your trademark is not registered, then law does not prohibit others to use it or even to register it under their name. In the UAE, once the trademark is registered, the period of protection of the trademark is ten years, which can be renewed unlimited number of times. In most of the countries the customs authorities, economic departments and courts enforce protection of trademarks.


We can assist you in selecting, filing and registering your trademarks in UAE, MENA, CIS, China, India, EU, USA and other parts of the world.

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