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Any business seeking to import, manufacture, or sell certain consumer products in Dubai must adhere to strict regulations set forth by the authorities. Dubai Municipality overseas and regulates consumer products registration in the Emirate. Product registration is a crucial step in ensuring compliance with health and safety standards, as well as legal requirements.


The registration of consumer products in the UAE is compulsory before they can be sold locally. Companies involved in importing, trading, selling, or manufacturing consumer products must individually register each product. Only companies with valid trade or industrial licenses related to the product category can register consumer products. Each application can include only one product but can have multiple variations in terms of volume, weight, color, taste, flavor, or fragrance. Approval of the application and issuance of the registration certificate are contingent upon the product meeting the health and safety standards set by the Dubai Municipality.


What is a Consumer Products Registration?

Consumer Products Registration (MONTAJI) is a service provided by Dubai Municipality which allows to companies registered in the UAE to apply for the assessment and registration of Consumer Products and Food Contact Materials (FCMs) after verifying their conformity with Public Health and Safety standards and requirements.


What Consumer Products Require Registration?

Consumer products that are subject to registration include the following:

  1. Cosmetics and personal care products and fragrances
  2. Health supplements
  3. Detergents
  4. Biocides


What Are the Requirements?

The necessary documents vary depending on the type of product. For consumer products, documents include a clear artwork, Free Sale Certificate, Ingredients Report, Lab test report, and other requested certificates. For food contact materials, a valid Certificate of Conformity or Lab test reports are required.

Moreover, only companies established in Dubai with valid trade license can apply for a product registration in Dubai. For instance, to register cosmetics products, a cosmetics trading company has to be established in Dubai.


How Can We Help?

Are you a business looking to import, manufacture, or sell consumer products or food contact materials in the United Arab Emirates (UAE)? Ensuring compliance with the regulations set by the Dubai Municipality is essential for legality of your operations. Our comprehensive registration services streamline the process, ensuring your products meet health, safety, and legal standards.

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