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Business Ownership Transfer

Transferring ownership of a business or shares of a company involves a series of approvals and steps. The process of transferring the company ownership can vary from mainland to free zones and based on the legal type and business activity of the company.


Certain legal formalities need to be taken into consideration in each individual case depending on whether the shares of a company is going to be transferred only or the assets of the business as well. If only the company shares are being transferred, then share sale and purchase agreement would suffice, however, if the business is being transferred along with its assets, then assets purchase agreement needs to be incorporated as well.


Moreover, proper due diligence must be conducted on the business to ensure that the business does not have any outstanding liabilities in front of third parties or sanctions by regulatory authorities. Therefore, it is recommended to engage experts who specialize in corporate structuring services at the time of purchasing a business. At CorpLex, we can provide guidance, manage the legalities, and ensure a smooth transfer of business ownership whether you are a seller or buyer.


Ready to transfer ownership smoothly? Contact CorpLex today for expert guidance and seamless management of the legalities involved in transferring business ownership or shares. Whether you’re a seller or buyer, let us ensure a smooth transition for your business. Reach out to us via phone at ‎04 546 0252 or email us at

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