UAE Golden Visa for Special Talents-2022 Explained

UAE provides a long-term Golden Visa for special talents which includes people such as Humanitarian workers, Executive directors, Doctors, Engineers, Scientists, Programmers, Ph.D. holders, Athletes, Inventors, as well as Creative people in the fields of Culture & art.


This field in general has many specializations, hence the government portal also provides numerous license options that you can choose from. Even Veterinary doctors can apply under this umbrella.

The mandatory document for this would be an accredited letter by the Health Authority or Ministry of Health in the country stating the doctor’s practice in the medical profession.

Creative Specialists in Culture Art

This category is the largest and has a variety of options to choose from such as;

Artist, Writer, Poet, Critic, Editor, Publisher, Author, Researcher, Dancer, Singer, Theatre, Cinema Producer, Theatre & Cinema Designer, Musician, Theatre Lighting, Translator, Story Teller, Script Writer, Lecturer, Movie Maker, Actor, Fashion Designer, Cinema Lighting Engineer, Theatre Sound & Fashion Designer, Cinema – Fashion, Sound Engineer, Graphic Designer, Photographer, Internal Designer, Culinary Arts, Music Composer, Fine Art, Sculptor, Architect, Calligrapher, Creative Content Creator, Jewellery Designer, Curator, Digital Artist, Archaeologist, Cultural Content Creator

The mandatory document for this would be a recommendation letter from the Dubai Culture and Arts Authority.


For scientists who are interested to obtain the UAE golden visa, the process is very simple if they can obtain, a recommendation letter from “Emirates Scientists Council” or a letter from “Rashid Award for Scientific outstanding” that he/she has been awarded the Medal of Scientific outstanding


When it comes to inventors the mandatorily required document is to be obtained from the Ministry of Economy which states that his/her patent has an added value to the country’s economy.

Executive Directors

Professionals holding the top positions in their company such as a General Manager, CFO, Executive director, CEO, Chairman of the board of Directors or any position wherein you can produce a salary certificate of AED 50,000 & that you have been in that position for no less than 5 years, can be deemed eligible to apply through this category.

Outstanding Students

This category is available to Dubai Residents only and it is divided into two types such as:

  • High school graduate: is granted only 5 years, who have achieved a minimum grade of 95%. It may be extended if they qualify for other terms & conditions.
  • University graduate: is granted 10 years, who have achieved a cumulative GPA not less than 3.8

These documents would be mandatory for the respective applicants, A recommendation letter from the Ministry of Education or an Attested bachelor’s degree or higher along with the academic transcript.


For persons excelling in different sports activities in order to avail UAE Golden Visa, they should obtain a recommendation letter from the General Sports Authority or any one of the Sports Councils.

Holders of Doctoral degrees

Professors and people who hold a doctoral degree need to produce a certified copy of their Ph.D. from the Ministry of Education in one of the priority disciplines along with a valid work contract in their current profession.

Specialists in Engineering & Science

Engineers in any one of these specializations Epidemiology and Virology, Artificial Intelligence, Big Data & Computer Engineering, Electronics Engineering, Software Engineering, Electrical Engineering, Genetic Engineering, Biotechnology Engineering need to produce an attested bachelor’s degree or higher and a valid work contract clearly mentioning the specialization.

Pioneers of Humanitarian Works

A candidate who qualifies under the following categories for a minimum of 5 years is granted a UAE Golden Visa:

  • Members who have worked in international and regional organizations or are outstanding employees.
  • Members of civil associations and institutions of public interest or are outstanding employees.
  • Individuals who have received an appreciation award from a local, regional, or international organization that focuses on humanitarian work.
  • Awarded to outstanding humanitarian volunteers with at least 500 hours of volunteer service.
  • All other categories of humanitarian work are agreed upon between the authority and the Ministry.

What if you want to apply from outside the UAE?

The rules slightly differ for Dubai and rest of the Emirates.

In the case of Dubai:

  • Individual needs to be inside the country to apply for it. Thereby a UAE work contract is mandatory.
  • Golden visa services & procedures for Professors and Teachers have been postponed until further notice.

In the case of other Emirates:

  • Individuals can apply during the initial stages online with the current work contract.
  • Once the authorities verify the documents submitted and approve the same, a multiple entry visa can be applied until the final process is over.

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