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Residency in the United Arab Emirates gives holders the opportunity to live in diverse, multicultural, and flourishing community while maintaining a rewarding lifestyle and business. We assist clients in obtaining residence in the UAE through these respective programs.

Golden Visa

Get your UAE Golden Visa by Investment

Business Setup Visa

Learn more about company investor visa options in the UAE

Property Investor Visa

Invest in Dubai Property and Get UAE Residency

Freelance Visa

if you do not qualify as Investor, you can still get residency visa in UAE as a Freelancer.

Benefits of Having Residency In Dubai:

A residence visa in the UAE offers the holder a lot of benefits, including:

    • You can open a bank account
    • You can get a bank loan (personal or car loan)
    • You have visa-free access to several countries
    • Your children can attend government or private schools
    • You can get a driver’s license
    • You have access to government health services and health insurance
    • And most importantly, you can live in a safe and stable environment.

Dubai Investor Visa Eligibility Requirements:

Find out more about Dubai Investor Visa options, legal requirements and eligibility.

Golden Visa
10 Years

To be entitled for a Golden Visa as an investor, investment can be made in several ways such as:

  • An investment fund accredited in the UAE stating that there is a deposit of AED (2) Two Million.
  • A fixed deposit of 2 million in the personal bank account.
  • Establishing a company in the UAE with an Investor capital of not less than AED 2 million
  • An investor as the owner of a company that pays the government no less than AED (250) Two Hundred and Fifty Thousand Annually.
  • Senior Employees of an Investor in Public Investments who has been appointed for a period of (10) years

Property Investor Visa
3-5 Years

To be eligible for property investor visa in Dubai, you must meet the following conditions:

  • The minimum property value is 750,000 AED for 3 years visa and 2,000,000 AED for 5 years visa.
  • For 3-year visa: mortgaged properties can be eligible, provided that 50% of the property value or at least AED 750,000 is settled.
  • For 5-year visa: mortgaged properties can be eligible, provided that at least AED 2,000,000 is settled.
  • The property must be ready with valid title deed.
  • The property can be shared between spouses with a valid marriage certificate, provided min. value of the property is 1000000 AED.
  • The property must be residential, not commercial.
  • A jointly owned property can be eligible, provided the investor’s share is equal or more than the required minimum (i.e., 750000 or 2000000 AED respectively).

Company Investor Visa
3 Years

To be eligible for a Dubai Company Investor visa, the investor needs to purchase shares in existing company or setup a new company and following conditions need to be met:

  • If you are a shareholder or a partner or a sole owner of a mainland company in Dubai
  • If it is an LLC, value of shares of the applicant should be equal to AED 72,000 or more.
  • Some free zones offer investor visa for company shareholders, but not all of them.
  • Free zone company owners can get Managing Director visa instead, which give the same benefits as Investor or Partner Visa.

Not Qualified for Investor Visas? Not to Worry!

Get UAE Freelance Visa

Another way of getting a residency visa in UAE is by getting a Freelance Visa, without any investments at relatively lower cost. Start Freelancing in the UAE at minimum costs with multiple activities such as: Marketing, Event Management, Social Media, Fitness & Yoga, Web Development, Graphic Design, Journalist, Finance/Accounts, Management Consulting, Artist/Musician and More.

Income Opportunity

Residency Visa Assistance

Freelance Work Permit

Multiple business activities

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